Scar treatment The Erlach method

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Scars and the resulting complaints are a neglected capital of medicine. Only a few doctors have experience in this area of expertise. Due to the lack of knowledge doctors are not aware of possible consequences. Itching, painful and weather sensitive scars can be a burden for patients. Since doctors do not pay enough attention to the channels and collaterals, scars may influence the energy flow and can be an actuator for an autoimmune diseases.

Scar treatment with the scar tool – The Erlach methode
This special therapy cannot only change the scars appearance, yet also optimise functionality & energy.

1) What is scar tissue?

A connective tissue-like structure, which the body builds up as replacement tissue. A normal healing process of the body. There are different types of scars. For example hypertrophic scars and keloids (sublime, thick and reddened scars)

Hyperthrophic scars

Limited to the size of preceded wounds. This type can be evoked by strong tensions of the skin or through a reaction at the time of the injury.


Keloids tend to spread wider than the actual wound area. Their appearance is usually more dramatic than with hypertrohpic  scars. Keloids are more likely to appear with persons with dark skin types.

2) How can scars occur?

  • Operations
  • Burns
  • Skin transplantations
  • Acne
  • Abrasions
  • Tattoos
  • Every type of skin injuries
  • Incised wounds
  • Injections
  • Bone fractures
  • Inflamed sore skin
  • Bite wounds
  • Inflamed sore organs
  • Birthes

3) How can scars effect a patients wellbeing?


Scars in joint areas may adhere on muscles, tendons, bones etc.


Whitened, reddened, sublimed, thickened and widened


Through interruption of various channels and collaterals the energy flow is prohibited, which may lead to autoimmune diseases.

Functional disorder

Meaning a restriction in the range of motion. Because of scars the skin is not able to stretch as much, as needed for the skins movement. With each motion the adhered scar tissue causes a stretch stimulus, which then again can cause inflammation. Inflammation can cause a permanent feeling of tension, dragging and piercing pain as well as swelling. Examples of functional disorders: After a tendon operation on the palm or through a Dupuytren´s disease the patient is not able to completely open or shut his hands.

Optical interference

Scars, which are sublimed, reddened or whitened which cannot be covered with cosmetics or clothes can burden patients physically
Examples of optical interfences: Acne, chiloschisis, scars caused by facelifting

Energetic blockades

Meaning a disruption of energy flow. This can cause chronical diseases. Examples of energetic blockades: An appendix scar can cause e.g. migraine, circulatory problems etc. An episiotomy scar can cause chronical constipation, asthma and light sensitivity.

Scar treatment – The Erlach method

Caused by the vibration of the device the perfusion is encouraged. The result is an inflammation (symptoms are strong reddening, swellings and pain). This reaction loses the adherence in the histoid and the scar harmonizes with the natural histoid (colour and condition).

The reaction of the scar treatment is individual and depends on several facts:

  • How good is the perfusion?
  • How sensitive is the patient to pain and how intensive can the therapist work?
  • How old is the scar?
  • What is the condition of the scar like?

With the scar treatment of Erlach every scar can improve without any contrived influences or usage of chemical products. No other structures will be injured and the body is able to regenerate naturally. The reaction is individual with every person.

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